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We are professional tax return accountants in Sittingbourne ME10, established in 1873, we offer affordable prices for your tax-returns. We’re professional accountants in Sittingbourne we can help relieve the stress of handling your company accounts so you can continue to work on your business. Finding a reliable accountant for your business can be hard, but look no further. We provide a customised service that is tailor-made for you to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need from an expert accountancy firm.

With our many years of experience and expertise helping with large and small businesses, we can help with all aspects of your accounts. We handle all of our customers with the same amount of care and attention. Our standard of support is second to none. Get in touch with us if you want professional accounts services to help your company. Just submit the enquiry box and we will get back to you with many more details on what we are able to do.

Why do you need to submit your Tax Return

A tax return is a document that is submited to the HMRC showing a businesses income and costs. Every business or sole trader that earns over £1000 must do this. People that are not self-employed or who own a business do not have to do this as they would be on PAYE (learn more about there here). Tax returns can be submitted online or sent on paper. 

All personal tax returns have a main section which contains common types of income such as bank interest or dividends received, and common tax reliefs such as donations to charities. Other types of income, such as profits from self-employment or salary from a job, are reported on separate sections.

Not all income has to go on a personal tax return, for example if you have money in an ISA you do not need to include interest earned on that money, because ISA interest is tax-free. – ( We are experts in Tax Returns for businesses in Kent and Sittingbourne so if you have any questions get in touch.

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Tax Return Service Near Me

We help businesses in Sittingbourne (ME10 4 area) to complete their tax return in the most efficient way without hassle so you can get on with your work. All businesses and self-employed individuals must complete a tax return form. This shows HMRC what amount of tax you must pay according to your earnings and expenses. 

We help businesses like yours manage their finances, a good accounting business like ours can help you save money. You can make your business stronger by regularly keeping track or your finances. We can create a set of company account whenever you need it. If you are a smaller business then you may just need help with filing your tax return in the best way. 

For businesses large and small near you, in Sittingbourne, you will need to submit a tax return or you might be subject to large fines. Getting this sorted ahead of time is better for everyone involved. Our chartered accountants in Sittingbourne ME10 4 are able to provide you with all the information and details you require in order to get the best results. 

How can I submit my tax return?

You can submit your own tax return by visiting the government website. A good place to start is here, ( 

You can read all the information you need. On this page you can check if you need to submit a tax return by answering some questions. 

It can get fairly complex if you haven’t done one before, so it’s important to get a professional to tax a look at your expenses and income. You may want to make your tax return more efficient or might want advice on what you can do and cannot expense. 

Tax-Return Accountancy Fees in Sittingbourne

Fees on tax returns can vary depending on the size of the business and complexity of the case, so we charge on a case-to-case basis. 

If you just wanted an accountant to help with your tax return the cost will be lower. If you are looking for a full accounting service then obviously the charges will be higher. There might be a monthly fee or a one off costs, depending on the services. 

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