Cloud Book Keeping

Cloud Based Business Financials

Every successful business has to have its finger on the pulse. You need to know your key numbers. Not the numbers in last year’s accounts; they are out of date, Redundant.

You need today’s numbers.

And that’s where your cloud book keeping system comes in. If you don’t have a cloud book keeping system you maybe putting yourself at a disadvantage.

The Benefits To You

The most valuable benefit is the ability to access and update your businesses financials records wherever you are, even from your smartphone whilst on the beach on holiday. You will also enjoy a host of other benefits that include:

  1. Saving you time
  2. 24/7 access to information & reports
  3. Secure storage of your data
  4. Automatic back-ups
  5. Free updates & maintenance

In short, this system will make your life so much easier and gives you the critical numbers for your business in real time.

How It Works

The system is quick to set up. Contact us, we will create your account and email you a link. You will create a password and then you can download the app to your smartphone, tablet or PC. We will do the basic set up* of the system for you and provide you with access to training video’s/ information, alternatively you may wish to engage us to configure the entire system and train you on how to get the best from the software.

That’s it you’re ready to go.