Property & Landload Accountants in Kent

Looking for a professional Property & Landlord Accountants in Kent?

Property & Landlord Accountants in Kent. If you are a landlord or property manager in Kent then you’ll probably need a trusted, professional accountant to deal with your finances. Here at King & Taylor, we have over 25 years of experience helping people and businesses with their financial and accounting needs. Why choose King & Taylor to be your Accountant? Get in touch now.

Qualified Accountants in Kent

Your work will be done by professional qualified accountants with many years of experience and you will have a partner as a point of contact for anything you need. Our accountants in Kent are highly approachable, you are welcome to call or email our staff at any time with queries you might have or arrange a meeting with us. Customer satisfaction is key to our business, it wouldn’t be running for over 25 years if we didn’t have a great relationship with our customers.

Property & Landload Accountants in Kent

Accountants for Property Managers and Landlords

The property market in Kent is booming, according to Kent Analytics the average monthly rent in the private rental market for Kent for the year ending March 2021 was £891; this is higher than the average for England (£864) as well as the Office of National Statistics, UK average house prices increased by 12.4% over the year to April 2022, up from 9.7% in March 2022. This shows the amount of money moving around the property business is going up and up, there need to be professional accountants like King & Taylor to help landlords and managers with their finances.

Laws are constantly changing when it comes to property, the Stamp duty holiday, first-time buyers, shared ownership, buy-to-let and many more have made the business confusing and it’s come into a minefield for accounting. Get in touch with us today if you need accounting help with your property business.

Kent has great access to London and Europe which drives the Kent housing market up. Many people that lived in London often choose to relocate to Kent so money is moving around a lot. Our specialist accountants help a range of Kent property businesses including buy-to-let landlords, second homeowners, residential & commercial construction companies, property developers & property investors as well as property-related businesses such as estate agents, architects, and surveyors, engineers and all of the associated trades.

Property accounting is complex so it’s important to have a trusted accountancy firm with experience in the sector and in-depth knowledge of property tax and related accounting issues.

Buy to let tax advice | Property & Landlord Accountants in Kent

You may have one buy-to-let property or many, either way, you can benefit from professional tax advice to stay on the right side of the law while also minimising the amount of tax you have to pay. Understanding the ins and outs of tax in this area is hard, which is why you should seek professional advice. We can help you prepare income tax statements, and advice on expenses, capital tax gains and inheritance tax. If you are self-employed or a sole trainer then we can also help you prepare your Self Assessment Tax Return. Read more about bookkeeping services in Gravesend in Sittingbourne.

Why do landlords need an accountant?

When you are a landlord of one or more properties it will be beneficial to you to be up to date with the latest legislation. As a landlord, you have financial responsibilities that you must follow. Having personal rental income you are required to register for a self-assessment whether you have a full-time job or not. If your property is owned by a limited company, you are required to submit annual accounts and tax returns.

Along with lots of other kinds of laws, the financial landscape can be difficult to navigate even for the most experienced landlords, which is why King & Taylor is here to help.  

If you are looking for a Property & Landlord Accountant in Kent, get in touch with King & Taylor.