How working remotely can benefit your business

There are many benefits of remote working, including flexibility and freedom. You can spend more time with friends, family and loved ones, or even travel while still earning an income. You can also take advantage of working remotely to pursue a career you’re passionate about. You don’t need to be chained down to an office job; you can work from anywhere in the world. Remote work can help a business save money in many different areas, studies have also found that in some companies, remote work actually makes your employees more efficient. In this post, King & Taylor will take you through the reasons why your business should consider allowing employees to working remotely.

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Remote work benefits: Employees save £4,000 a year

As a remote worker, you can save about £4,000 a year on gas and parking alone. According to nearly two thirds (65% of the work force) worked remotely during locked down, saving them hundreds of pounds. The average daily cost of communicating via car in the UK is £16 a day or £80 a week, whereas the cost of commuting via a train is £136 a week. has a working from home savings calculator which you can use to see how much your employees can save.

Additionally, many companies rent office space that may not be necessary if they use virtual workers instead. The average price per square foot for an office space is £10-£15 which adds up quickly when you consider that most companies don’t need more than two or three rooms for their entire workforce (and often just one). On top of this expense are utilities like electricity and water; these are usually much cheaper at home than in an office building because there’s less equipment being used by each person who works there since it’s shared among many different employees instead of just one company having its own separate building with everything inside it such as lights/cameras/etcetera.” If you are looking to save more money on your business then an accountant is the perfect place to start, view our services here.

Offices save £10,000 per employee

In a typical office setting, employees spend the majority of their time in the office. However, with remote working options available to them, it is entirely possible for employees to work from home or even on the go at a coffee shop whenever they please. This can save you money on office space costs because you don’t need as much space for each employee if they aren’t all sitting in there at once!

This is just one example of how going remote can save businesses a lot of money. There are many other ways that it can help you save as well, such as:

  • Reducing the cost of office space and related expenses (such as utilities)
  • Reduced commute times for employees who live far away from work
  • Reduction in sick days taken by employees
  • Reduced employee turnover rate
  • Improved productivity, due to less interruptions and distractions in the workplace
  • Reduced stress levels for employees who work remotely
  • More time for employees to focus on their work instead of spending hours commuting
  • Improved employee satisfaction, since they’re working in a place that they enjoy and not just because they have to

Employees are happier and more productive

Employees who telecommute report being happier than those who work in traditional offices. In fact, a study conducted by Gallup found that remote workers are six times as likely to be engaged with their jobs compared to their office-based colleagues. The same study also found that 89% of remote workers believe they have a better work-life balance compared to those working in traditional office environments. This is because employees don’t have to worry about commuting or travel time, so they can allocate more time to family activities and other things that make them happy.

Remote work benefits

A healthier work-life balance

It’s no secret that when we work long hours and don’t have time to do the things we love, our health suffers. That’s why working from home is so beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. You’ll be able to make your own schedule, so there will never be any last-minute demands or deadlines coming at you like a rapid-fire bullet train! And if something unexpected crops up? You’re only ever an email away from getting help from your colleagues or boss—but if they’re happy with your performance, they may not even need to check in!

In addition to the physical and mental benefits of working from home, there are also financial benefits. Many companies offer remote workers a higher salary or other incentives in order to attract top talent who can work wherever they want. This means that you may be able to earn more money than your friends who have traditional office jobs—and all without having to worry about commuting costs!

Remote work is great for employees and employers

In a remote-work environment, employees don’t have to commute to the office every day, which means they can spend their time and money on other things that are more important to them. This can improve an employee’s work-life balance, leading to higher productivity and less burnout.

Remote working also saves companies money: they don’t have to pay for office space or equipment maintenance costs (like IT), as well as rent or mortgages in places with high property prices (think London). This helps give businesses more freedom when it comes to hiring new people without having to worry about finding office space downtown!

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Over the past couple of years, remote working has gone from a niche practice to a mainstream one. As it gains in popularity, more and more companies are rethinking their office layouts and ditching the traditional 9-to-5 model for something that allows employees to work wherever they want. In addition to better productivity, there are many other benefits for both employees and employers who embrace remote work culture: employees can save money on gas or public transportation while offices save money on rent by having fewer people working in them; workers with families can spend more time at home without sacrificing income, and everyone gets better sleep because they aren’t stuck inside all day long! Get in touch with King & Taylor for professional accountants in Kent.