Focus on Business Seminar

This week saw the launch of our Focus on Business seminars. Our first seminar highlighted some of the legal and financial sides of running a business. The event took place at the Gravesend Best Western Hotel on the 21st of May as a breakfast session, where attendees were treated to breakfast and coffee as well as presentations from two recognised industry experts who offered their professional insights into several important topics.

The first speaker was Adam Young, an active member of several professional bodies including the Personal Finance Society and the Institute of Financial Planning. An expert in his field, Adam is the MD of specialist financial planners Dragonfly and aims to raise his clients’ understanding of their options and goals. His talk provided valuable information for business owners, covering subjects such as family governance, succession planning, raising capital, and guidance on selling a business.

Following Adam’s well-received presentation was Judith Jewiss, a renowned Chartered Accountant. Judith is a full member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. An expert on compliance, forecasting, and regulation, Judith delivered an excellent talk on several financial areas including dividends, capital extraction, pension contributions, and a spread of similar themes.

King & Taylor have received a very positive reaction to the seminar and would be delighted to see you at the next one.